you are and onto

neither of you
                             nor not

this in stance

congruities one thing
not a way
                                                                      of see ing
                             of un

but as and of


                                                singularly unmeasured

          and deceive

                                                to partake

                             but to another

or you can’t hear

                                                of dust and things
all all
a misconception of control


Part of The Learned Pig’s Clean Unclean editorial season, March-May 2015.


The Learned Pig

Aodan McCardle

Aodán McCardle is a painter, a poet, gardener, tattooist, designer, maker, father, he has delivered babies warm in the dark and wrapped the dead in white hospital cotton. He is a co-editor at Veer Books. His PhD is on Action as Articulation of the Contemporary Poem though physicality and doubt are the site of meaning and the stance respectively where the action operates. His way into collaboration was as part of London Under Construction LUC. His current practice is improvised performance/writing/drawing as a finding out. He grew up in the mountains, moved to the city, lives by the sea.